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Closer Partners provides mediation, legal, investment consulting and business development services to individuals and organisations with highly qualified experienced  business lawyers , attorneys and consultants in different branches of business.

Cooperation with Closer Partners always means flexible and mutually beneficial conditions, a clear, balanced, professional approach to each customer. Our experienced business lawyers and consultants take into account specifics of every customer’s business and develop individual cases of a legal and business development support in accordance therewith.

We help entrepreneurs and founders launch and grow their businesses with the right legal foundations in place.


International Law, Investment Consulting and Business Services Management

  • We have extensive experience and a collaborative approach in a variety of sectors such as finance, real estate, energy and infrastructure
  • We have a network of senior key-experts to call upon for independent opinions
  • We have a proprietary 360 degree, holistic risk management methodology at our client’s service to mitigate challenges before they occur
  • We will be with you every step of the way ensuring that you receive the support you need when you need it

The combination of the range of services that we can provide, our collaborative approach and our focus on Turkey and the region make us the partner of choice for companies wishing to do successful business, manage and resolve challenges amicably.

  • Cross-border business transactions
  • Company formation in abroad
  • Assistance in company law and management of foreign companies
  • Drafting of complex contracts with your customers and partners abroad
  • Labour law advisory to foreign companies organisations
  • International distribution law
  • International competition law
  • Intellectual property protection
  • International arbitration proceedings
  • Securing and collection of receivables abroad
  • Supporting Local Subsidiaries, Branch Offices and permanent establishments
  • Financial accounting, Payroll Accounting (Including Expatriates) Preparation of Annual Financial Statements
  • Tax Compliance
  • International on-going Tax Consultation
  • Obtaining residency permit for foreigners
  • Establish strategic aims and journey plan
  • Translate into measurable risk and return objectives
  • Diversify sources of risk and return
  • Seek predictable sources of return
  • Tailor mandates to suit each client’s object
  • Budget consideration
  • On-going monitoring and enhancements
  • Consider and quantify the impact on risk and reward from liability hedging decisions
  • Focus on diversifying risk premiums or sources of return rather than capital allocations
  • Focus on asset classes where there is a fundamental rationale for generating excess returns
  • Focus on assets which generate predictable cash flows


Istanbul – Ankara – Athens – Nicosia – Amman – Bucharest – Budapest – Dusseldorf

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