Business Development

As Business Development Service Providers, we offer both financial services and non-financial services. As part of our Financial Services, we help existing or aspiring entrepreneurs to establish or expand the business. Such finances are used for machinery, working capital. As Business Development service providers to Bank of Industry, we help our clients obtain leasing of equipment, joint ventures.

We provide information, knowledge and skills and advisory to entrepreneurs. We consciously provide this service to our clients. Our detailed service offering as BDS include providing entrepreneurs with new ideas to grow their business. Such training and coaching on productivity, cost management, reductions, market expansion, innovations, operations management.

Business development services may also be required for the establishment and operation of an enterprise. Services required in this instance may include legal services (e.g. registration of the enterprise), training of owners and workers, special laboratory services for testing goods produced by the enterprise, and assistance in arranging contracts with larger firms.


Our Clients also enjoy our Business Development Service for the start-up and establishing new business ventures and or managing it. We offer advice on Company formation, Taxation, Marketing, Executive Search, Operations Management, Bookkeeping, Accounting, and Market Analysis. Regulatory & legal issues as it affects their business
A key goals of our business development service is helping entrepreneurs establish new business through mentoring, coaching, growth plan, innovation, marketing, access to finance, access to finance.

Our Business development service provision is rooted on the model of entrepreneurship development and implementation methodology, which is an integrated, one-stop enterprise development and support program. Our model consists of a comprehensive package of core services and ancillary interventions designed to improve the operational efficiency and enhance the competitiveness and profitability of emerging micro, small and medium enterprises both in the domestic and export markets and also small scale farmers in the rural areas.

Our Business Development model promotes the establishment of new businesses, expansion of existing businesses as well as business formalization and registration with the intended outcome to create jobs. We offer a combination of entrepreneurial and management skills training (group BDS training session) and customized business advisory services (one-to-one services) to accelerate the development of a cadre of local and internationally competitive enterprises. In addition, the department offers on-demand Business development service advice to clients at each office location.

We provide business solution with our offices in different locations such as Turkey, Cyprus, Hungary, UK, Jordan, Germany .


You should hire Closer Partners for your business development services because of the following reasons:

Professional support
We have professionals and experts of business development at our disposal that will ensure you receive all the support that you can get
Entrepreneurial ideas We will also aid in furnishing your ideas to make it profitable and less risky

Privacy and Security
We always ensure that the information and data collected from our clients are highly secured and confidential. We do not disclose such to a third party which in turn protects our clients

The cost of our business development services vary for different types of businesses whether small, medium or large. Our services are cost effective and affordable

Organizational Effectiveness
We help you identify your optimal path to success and design the most fitting operating model to get you there

We have experience in marketing research. We have been in this business for over 10 years and we understand every nook and aspect that deals with starting a marketing research

Peer learning
We also offer an avenue for our client to meet and learn from other peers in the same industry or similar business idea.

Network Building
We also help our clients in building a relevant networking system streamlined with their industry

Sector Insights
We also provide sector specific insights for our clients. This will allow them understand how other businesses in similar sector are faring

Step by step guidance
Our clients will receive in depth guidance from experts on how to blossom their ideas inti reality

Partnership building
Connect with like-minded peers and experienced enterprises to build mutual beneficial partnership

Whenever our clients bring their business idea, our experts at Closer Partners will guide you and your entrepreneurial team in turning your exclusive business idea into reality. We will help you understand and challenge the key underlying assumptions of your business. A set of workshops and individual support from one of our trained service providers immerses you in an unprecedented ideation journey. Our business development process will go through the following stages that will transform your innovative ideas into tangible measures for enterprise start-up:

This is the first phase where our clients will come to us with their ideas. And this phase will allow us understand the client business ideas including all the specifics related to it. This will allow us offer the best business development services to the client. An interview will be conducted in the discovery and understanding phase and this phase will also aid us in knowing the objectives of the business

At this phase, we are going to perform design thinking methodologies that will include guiding the client and entrepreneurial team in order to develop your innovative business idea. Our tools and facilitation will assist you to explore all relevant aspects of a start-up enterprise while engaging in lively discussions

The test and refinement phase deals with implementing all the design thinking methodologies in the business idea or existing business. Our Expert Advisors are always available to guide you through the process.

This phase has to do with developing an action plan that the new startup or existing business will apply in order to get the best out of their businesses

You and your entrepreneurial team will be equipped with the tools, insights and supportive network to launch your product or services at the market.

We will also provide additional support and checkup routines after we have successfully aided you in providing apt business development services
If you are an aspiring entrepreneur with an innovative business idea or you are an existing business owner seeking for growth and partnerships, you should allow Closer Partners to offer you the best business development services in wherever you choose. You will be equipped with hands-on tools and business blueprints which are proven to be profitable

You will be guided by our experts during a workshop to take the first steps toward starting your own enterprise, inspired by the secrets of successful enterprises. Our unique platform connects you to other enterprises in Turkey and other countries to facilitate lasting business partnerships of mutual benefit. You will also receive business planning insights and tools to design or refine a business idea to make it ready for the next stage of enterprise development. We apply our experience of over 20 years building the capacities and celebrating the successes of startups and existing enterprises. For more information on our business development services, contact us on You can send us a Request for Proposal here.

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